You are currently viewing “Ó-Ó-Ó, Afrika!” Dance and drum show by Ballet Camara

“Ó-Ó-Ó, Afrika!” Dance and drum show by Ballet Camara

Napfényes Rendezvényközpont, Budapest, Hungary
A fantastic Senegalese dance and drum show performed by Ballet Camara. Ancient African djembe drums are played while a traditional Senegalese dance show with acrobatic elements is performed. A joyful atmosphere will take you to the black continent: learn African moves with them!
The Ballet Camara from Senegal is a professional group composed of selected outstanding musicians and dancers. They provide high standard African dance and drum shows with various choreographs and costumes (peul, yela, serer, balanta, dundumba, mbalax among others).

They are unique worldwide for their acrobatic dance with the giant calabash (Guinean peul kunnawal tradition).
The Chief of the group is Abdoul Camara was was a contracted dancer of Daniel Sorano National Theatre of Senegal for years and he is the artistic director and choreographer of Ballet Camara Dance Company.